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Attractions we recommend: reasons to stay a week

George is known as the heart of the Garden Route and makes the perfect base from which to explore the many attractions. I am going to list my top 10 recommendations of local attractions over the next 10 weeks.

The Garden Route’s coastal areas differ between nice sandy beaches to high cliffs.  All the towns along the coastal area are popular during season as holiday makers from all over South Africa and the world come to this area to relax during the festive season.  There is so much to do in all these towns; it is truly suited to accommodate the whole family.  Adventure activities, fine dining, sun bathing and water sports are on top of the lists. The forest areas of the Garden Route are beautiful and have a lot of history.  There are a lot of short and long hikes in these forests ranging from easy walks to proper hikes for more experienced hikers.  There is also quite a few activities to do in these forest areas like Black Water Tubing, Canopy Tree Topping, Hiking, Camping, Paintball, the list goes on…

Do look at the separate page that I have for golfers and do consider making use of the Golf Passport during your stay.




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