Fairview Homestead | Baie dankie vir die gasvryheid. Sien weer!!!
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Baie dankie vir die gasvryheid. Sien weer!!!

I read in our  guest book :  ‘ Thank you for the hospitality. You’ll see us again!!!’

The biggest compliment a guest can pay any guest house is to return again. This morning I ran a marketing report and was surprised to see that 24% of my guests are marked as ‘returning’ guests. These frequent guests can provide valuable insights and of course often result in rewarding friendships.

A few years ago I mentioned at the breakfast table that I wanted to have my Room 1 (also known as ‘The Yellow Room’)  painted a different colour. Later when my guest was departing she called me aside and asked me  to please not change the colour of  her room! She explained to me  how she always looked forward to her country trip to George and her sunny yellow room. Well, needless to say that room has been painted a few times in the 16 years since the original restoration – every time a fresh, cheery coat of yellow…

p.s . this one is for you Roz…


Philda Benkenstein
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