Fairview Homestead | Covid-19 SafeStay
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COVID-19 operating protocols, why they are necessary and how they may affect you.

For more information about the COVID-19 virus in South Africa, click on the following link: S.A Resource Portal.

Our apartment is suitable for self-isolation.

We are required to collect your screening and contact detail.

We will ask for your contact details beforehand so that we can fill in the registration form as far as possible thereby reducing the need for the proximity of people and touching of items. You will then only be required to sign the screening declaration form on arrival. We are required to take a copy of your id or passport – we prefer to take a photo with our work mobile number and the information is then saved in a passport secured e-file. Alternatively, you can e-mail us a copy of your id in advance.

We are required to take your temperature daily.

This will be done using an infrared temperature reader.


The guest should preferably handle their own luggage to move it into or out of, their own vehicle. If handled by staff, the luggage should be sprayed with disinfectant.

Rooms & Accommodation Units.

To lower contamination risks, we are advised that cleaning and linen changes should be reduced in frequency, mini-bar stock should be reduced to a minimum or mini-bars emptied and turn-down service should be suspended.

We will remove excess softs and décor items. Guest amenities other than basic requirements should be on request (that goes for extra blankets, pillows, and towels too).

Increased cleaning and sanitisation procedures will be introduced for stay-over and check-out cleans to ensure all surfaces which are touched regularly are sanitised during the clean.

Food Service

We are advised to implement the following:

  • Buffets should be discontinued and food should be plated and/or provided in covered single portions only.
  • Menus must be replaced with non-touch options.
  • Tables must be sanitised before and after each guest’s use.
  • Where possible and for instance while taking orders, waiting staff must stand at least a meter from tables.
  • When serving in the breakfast area, as much as possible should be removed from tables, e.g., tablecloths and only essential items such as salt and pepper should remain on tables and be sanitised after each guest.