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Desmond and his granddaughter

Desmond and his granddaughter


At Fairview the food is home-made and often home-grown, sourced from our own garden and we keep our own chickens for the freshest of eggs.  In recognition of our responsibility to the environment we also use ‘green’ products for housekeeping, laundry and cleaning. Desmond has a ‘wormery’ and three compost heaps. And Juno does her best to keep us in supply of dog poo to throw down  the mole holes as a way of trying to convince them to move to the neighbors for less smelly passageways.

Our garden is definitely our biggest attraction and we can  set up visits to other local private gardens. It is also open to the public and photographers at a donation/small fee which go toward charity. We cater for small functions on request.


Fairview Open Garden 2012 015 7 doc






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