Fairview Homestead | More about the garden
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In July 2018, three days before my 60th birthday the green-fingered doctor became a patient. As I sat next to his bed in the intensive care unit, watching him fight for every breath, I knew that I had to do something about his garden. I phoned a landscape designer, whom I knew he trusted, to come to Fairview and prune the roses, prune the trees, do whatever he thought necessary to ensure that the garden would be in shape for whenever Desmond would be discharged. Ten days in intensive care was followed by a six week recuperation period during which time he sat on the back porch, looking at his beloved garden and “gardening” by giving orders!


More than six cubic meters compost got worked into the soil, a new vegetable garden was planned, the raised beds built and the vegetables planted. Gradually he regained his strength and started physically gardening again. The front garden got a total make-over and we had another partition installed to screen it off from the parking area. This summer I can honestly say that our garden has never looked as good – and let’s face it, it has been pretty awesome all along. Watch out for Desmond’s garden in the November 2019 issue of the Home magazine (Tuis in Afrikaans). And save the date for OPEN GARDEN on 9 November 2019.


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