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go game viewing at Botlierskop

This private game reserve not only offers various game watching possibilities, which include “close encounters” with elephant, lion and rhino, but also houses a well frequented spa to ease those tired muscles after a day of game spotting on the back of a horse or elephant.      For those  who prefer the comfort of an open vehicle, the reserve offers daily guided game viewing drives that lasts about 3 hours.

The staff also cater for those who prefer to do their game watching on foot with a 2 hour hike through diverse habitats such as riverine forest,marshy areas, fynbos and grassy plains.   For the brave at heart there is a very special encounter with lions :  a one hour walk with the African kings…. no leashes or collars, just a truly remarkable adventure.The 3000 ha reserve is  a paradise for bird watchers with more than 200 species to be seen.

We will gladly make your reservation for a Game Drive.



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