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Mr Myburgh and his proud van Kervel School metal work learners

We are situated opposite Van Kervel School- a double medium school that caters for  learners with special educational needs, but also offer normal academic subjects. To quote their school website:

‘These learners benefit more from concrete learning programs where they learn by doing.  In most cases they will eventually find employment in practically orientated professions;  therefore more emphasis is placed on the skills or vocational learning programs in our school where learners can acquire skills such as panel beating, spray painting, motor vehicle repairing, woodworking, welding, building and maintenance, hospitality studies, educare, office administration and hairdressing. ‘

Our beautiful screens and arches that transforms our rose garden into the spectacular, bears testimony to Mr Myburgh and his metal work learners. Because we are situated close to  the school, Mr Myburgh could walk across with his pupils and they could take ownership of the project -  from  taking the initial  measurements to the final product. We are as proud as they are of their craftsmanship.

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