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my favourite baked cheese cake recipe

Secrets first: we cook apple slices in a small quantity of water with one heaped teaspoon of sugar. These apple slices go into the bottom of the cake tin. This is how Probst Bakery used to do it in Walvis Bay and the Benkies love cheese cake this way. Bake a day before you want to serve it to allow the flavour and texture to develop.

Geheime eerste: ons kook appelskywe (so 2 appels) in bietjie water met 1 opgehoopte teelepel suiker in en sit dit onder in die koekpan. Dis soos Probst Bakkery in Walvis dit maak by en vir die Benkies net ‘n lekker ekstratjie. Bak dit ten minste een dag voor jy dit wil bedien sodat die geure/tekstuur kan ontwikkel.

Initially apples were farmed on the grounds of Fairview. We were told by old doctor Tiensie Stander that when the ground for the development of Bergsig was subdivided, serious consideration was given to the name Appelboord, but because the apple orchards had to go for the development it was decided to name the new suburb Bergsig. Today we have apple tree left on the yard and it hardly ever bears more than 5 apples per season!

First things first:
Place ½ packet Tennis Biscuits biscuits in a plastic bag and roll to fine crumbs with a rolling pin (a bottle also does the trick)
Add to 80ml melted butter and press the mixture onto the base of a lined 20cm spring form cake tin.Make sure the sides are well coated with Spray ‘N Cook. Refrigerate.

Preheat the oven to 160°C ;
In a bowl: 3 cups ricotta cheese (600g) , 125ml cream , 180ml castor sugar , 15ml cake flour , 30ml cornflour (maizena) + 3 extra large eggs Beat together until smooth (bearing in mind that ricotta is a crumbly “cheese” and the texture will remain slightly crumbly , but smooth – you get it?)
Stir in juice and zest of one lemon
Pour into cake tin and bake for one hour ; then increase temperature to 180°C and bake a further 10 minutes. Take out of oven, put on rack and allow to cool in cake tin, remove and keep in fridge overnight. Serve at room temperature (that’s important!)

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  1. I love this recipe. Straight-forward. Looking forward to making it today. Thanx

  2. Ai dis nou oulik van jou om “ou Walvisbaai/Probst Bakery ” so wêreldwyd te noem. Ja daardie tye se kaaskoeke is nou ni meer in ni – met di nuwe tipe van roomkase kom die terte ni meer so leker ni – glo bietjie waterig/klam . Lilo Probst het op n stadium gesê hulle sukkel maar om n lekker ferm kaaskoek te bak. Lancewood se roomkase is nou di beste. Op plaas maak ek my eie roomkaas van volroom beesmelk en bak ook my kaaskoek daarmee. Jammy. Thanks vir di lekker lees en mooi fotos. Wens julle net sukses toe en moennie te gooi ophou ni – ons moet nog kom loer!!!!!

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