Fairview Homestead | Room 4 after the 2013 renovation
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Room 4 after the 2013 renovation

At the end of 2013 plans were approved for a new courtyard staircase. This meant that the old Room 3, which consisted of two interlinked rooms that were once the bedrooms of our two sons, could now be divided into two separate rooms, each with its own outside entrance and own bathroom. Of the two new rooms  Room 4 is the smaller at 17,6 m² and we prefer to offer it for single occupancy.


I found this lovely antique bed in a second hand store in Market Street. I just love the fact that the brass knobs shows a bit of character with the dents. The little bed side tables I had made as  stools  for my  kitchen counter in Walvis Bay more than 30 years ago. I had the screen wall behind the bed painted as an accent wall in pale blue as I decided not to bring any paintings into this room, but to use Delft plates on the walls.


This table was once used in the Convent in Mead Street. The lovely little oak corner wardrobe looks just perfect – I have had it for years and have never found the perfect spot for it before. We had a floating floor installed – with a special soundproofing layer and on top of that vinyl flooring.


The beautiful staircase was designed by Heno Bosman – you know you found the right architect when he is chairman of the Heritage Trust. Heno suggested that we go for a black metal staircase, opposed to a white wooden one, as the black tends to fade into the background whereas a white staircase would have altered the square Georgian shape of the house ; optically it would have just taken far more dominance than the one that he designed.


Because the bathroom is screened off behind a wall, but open to the room, we opted for a bath opposed to a shower which would steam the room up.


Philda Benkenstein

In 1995 we moved from Namibia to a town called George on the Garden Route in South Africa - we found a wonderful property,first registered in 1861. The place was very neglected, but I undertook to start a guest house, so that the house could at least pay for its own upkeep after the restoration, and of course - for Desmond's garden. That is the start of my life as a guest house owner and this is the story of a house and garden,lovingly restored and shared with our guests, with family and friends...

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