Fairview Homestead | The make-over of Shanty 21
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The make-over of Shanty 21

When our children were still in school they formed a band and, as you know, a band needs to practice. When you grow up in a house that is your home as well as a guest house that proves to be a problem. Our children’s solution was to claim a small storeroom below the swimming pool as their little music den. They called it Shanty 21. I asked Alex: ‘why 21?’ and he answered: ‘ every abode needs a number…’ I suppose when you are 16 years old 21 sounds like a grand number to be. Shanty was kitted out with seating – discarded rickety chairs, logs covered with old carpets, lots of candles and cobwebs for ambiance – the perfect music den. The words ‘herein lie the sound of music’ were added next to the crude signage of ‘Shanty 21’.

In Summer of 2013 we decided to restore ‘Shanty 21’ and use it as a small guest room for single occupancy, but let us start at the beginning:

When they removed the door frame the wall collapsed! Not much left, but the restoration of a listed building means it has to be rebuilt in exactly the same place (we were tempted to sneak in a square meter or three!)We had clay bricks held together with mud and ferns…unbelievable if you scroll down for the end result.





and the final result:




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